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The Lung Yintai Cultural Foundation believes that nurturing visionary, open-minded and responsible young citizens is essential to the development of a vibrant civil society. Established as a non-profit organization in 2005 by a group of devoted entrepreneurs and intellectuals, the Foundation is committed to fostering a culture of global vision, providing platforms for cultural exchanges and intellectual dialogues, and enlivening a positive civic spirit in our young democracy.
* cultivating a civil society for the betterment of life
* developing partnerships among Chinese-speaking communities including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and various Western countries.
* promoting international cultural exchanges and fostering intellectual dialogues in a global context.
Wang Hsing-ching
Writer & Critic
Former Publisher & Editor of The Journalist Weekly
Wang Jung-wen
Founder and Chairman of the Board, Yuan-Liou Publishing Company
Publisher, Scientific America
Barry Lam
Quanta Computer Inc.
Yang Xian-qing
Chief Editor, China times Literary Supplement
Stanley Yen
Chief Executive Officer, The Landis Taipei Hotel
Honorary President, Taiwan Tourism Association
Former General Manager of American Express
Liu Chung-laung
Honorary Professor, City University of Hong Kong
Former President of National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Victor Weu-Chi Liu
International Bills Finance Corporation
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